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About our company

Confectionary factory SRL "Super Kork" invites to cooperate the companies that operate in the sale of flour confectionery products.
The range of production is more than 50 types of biscuites (oat cookies, shortbread, butter coockies, glazed biscuits, diabetic biscuits). The production capacity of the enterprise is more than 150 tons of products per month.
Confectionery products are made from natural high-quality raw materials with various natural additives (walnut, raisins, dried apricots, chocolate chips, sesame, sunflower seeds, etc.) and fillers (caramel, chocolate, coconut, jelly).

Advantages of the company

Flexible pricing policy
If the payment is done at the full cost at the moment of delivery of the goods, a 5% discount is applied
Your own trademark
The possibility of product realization under the brand of the buyer
Lead time varies from 5 to 14 days, depending on the volume of order

Our products


Butter shortbread cookies in the form of croissants with the filling of apple jam and decorated with the powder sugar.
Just a minute
«Just a minute»
Shortbread delicate biscuits the in the form of a flower decorated by the powder sugar
Shortbread delicate biscuits in extended form with aroma of vanille.
Butter shortbread cookies in the form of nuts with the filling of boiled condensed milk.
The ring
«The ring»
Two shortbread biscuits with a delicate taste and powdered sugar.
Shortbread biscuits in extended form with the filling of boiled condensed milk.
Shortbread delicate biscuits with the round form with the apple jam layer and decorated by the roasted peanuts.
The combination of roasted peanuts, delicate biscuits and boiled condensed milk creates a unique taste and original appearance.
Two delicate shortbread biscuits with a jam layer, sesame seeds and cocoa.
Two shortbread biscuits, one of which is with cacao, other one is milky, and there is a tiramisu cream layer between them.
Bars with jam
«Bars with jam»
Shortbread biscuits rolled with the fruit jam
Two biscuit one of which is from cacao and other one is milky, and there is a creamy layer between them.
Oatmeal biscuits
«Oatmeal biscuits»
Classic biscuits with addition of oatmeal with aroma of cinnamon and vanilla
Classic biscuits with addition of condensed milk
Classic sugar biscuits with baked milk
Childish Biscuit
«Childish Biscuit»
Classic sugar biscuit with delicate taste of natural honey
Sugar cookies with wheat bran, flax seed and oatmeal.
Butter cornmeal cookies. 
Sugar cookies with lemon flavor.
«Multiplication tables»
Sugar cookies with milk flavor.

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